Sunday, March 10, 2019


Lightspeed! Performed by The Shazzbots. CD. Approx. 34 min. Label: The Shazzbots. 2019. CD: $12.99; Vinyl: $24.99; Download: $9.99.
Pre-S – Grade 2

Triple Emmy Award winners for a TV pilot in 2016, the Shazzbots (Ian Hummel, Dianne Hummel, Steve Frye, Mike Heslop, and Josh Tully) perform 12 original and energetic rock and country style songs on this 3rd album. With their songs, they want to inspire the creativity, curiosity, and sense of wonder in children. The outstanding background instruments of guitar, bass, keys, harmonica, drums, and percussion are performed with enthusiasm and professionalism. “On the Playground,” children play on swing set, jungle gym, merry-go-round, monkey bars, see-saw, tunnel slide, hopscotch, and tether-ball. “Beauregard Ogilby Balderdash” is the only 3rd grader with a handlebar mustache--grown since he was 3. “If You Knew Yuri Like I Know Yuri,” you would know this shelter dog is my very best pal. “I Think I Lost My Dinosaur,” so I go door to door looking for her. The rhythm of a train chugging down the track is captured in “Chuggin’.” If you eat up all the food on your plate, you can join the “Clean Plate Club.” Librarians will especially love the galloping rock rhythm of “Read a Book Today,” which extols all the fun of finding adventures in books. “Something’s Stuck in My Kazoo,” features silly sound FX as a child tries to blow the obstruction out of the kazoo. “My Pa’s Fun Truck” goes rickety rackety rockety rolling along. School is cancelled on a “Snow Day,” so students grab sleds and head up the hill. I’m on a “Gravy Boat,” so I’m smiling, giggling, dancing, and shining. “Very Very Vivian" features gentle piano pop and welcomes a new baby girl. With catchy, toe-tapping melodies and energetic instruments and vocals, this album will appeal to the entire family.

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