Thursday, May 20, 2021

1 4 3


1 4 3. Performed by Andy Z. Approx. 3 min. 2021. Label: Andyland Music. Grades K – 6

            Multi-award winning Andreas Zamenes (aka Andy Z) based his song on Mr. Rogers’ symbolizing “I love you” by the numbers 1 4 3. In the song he asks listeners to “show someone you care just because they’re there.” The background instrumentation has a rich and full sound with guitars, brass, drums, percussion, and more in a pop rock style. The music video (on YouTube) features Andy Z, sometimes with his guitar and sometimes using ASL, against an animated background of sun, moon, rainbows, flowers, musical instruments and more. For some reason, when I viewed the video, there were a couple of fuzzy, blurry spots, but most of it was quite clear. The song was released in time to celebrate May 23 (the 143rd day of the year) as a day honoring Mr. Rogers, “1 4 3,” and kindness. A lovely song and a great tribute to Mr. Rogers’ memory. Available on streaming platforms. 


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