Thursday, October 19, 2017

Walking Around With Giants

Walking Around With Giants. CD. Performed by The Dilly Dallies. Approx. 44 min. Prod. by Schoolofdrums. 2017. $12.98. 
PS – Gr K—

            Steve Slater and Jenn Ekman present 13 original songs in folk rock, folk pop, and lullaby musical styles. Their voices blend beautifully together to create some lovely harmonies. The talented musicians create background music with ukuleles, piano, glockenspiel, marimba, vibraphone, vibraslap, shakers, triangle, finger cymbals, mini gong, cowbell, wood block, and kazoo. “Superhero” includes a job description. “I Get Up” to see what amazing things are going on after bedtime. “Share the Sun” encourages listeners to share. “School Day” can be very busy. A child believes the “Closet Monster” is having a dance party in the closet. “We Could Be” envisions what children might be able to attain with hard work. The other songs include: “Little Tiny Toes,” “Rainy Day” (which includes the sound effects of rain sticks), “Dreams Await,” “Taken Over by Robots,” “One Big Heart,” and “You Are Me and I Am You.” A great album for bringing the family together.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Gonna Be Great!!

Gonna Be Great!!. CD. Performed by David Tobocman. Approx. 37 min. Prod. by Very Helpful Songs. 2017. $12.00. ISBN unavail.
K-Gr 3—

            A songwriter for Nickelodeon’s Robot and Monster, David Tobocman performs 12 original songs on his fourth album for children. His goal for these songs was to infuse them with optimism, and encouraging children to face adversity with hope and strength. With some great instrumental backup, Tobocman performs in a variety of musical styles, including Beatles-style and 70’s rock, blues, calypso, reggae, Tex-Mex, folk, country, ballad, funk and rap. In his title song, life is “Gonna Be Great.” Tobocman encourages listeners to “Take the Spider Outside” instead of killing it, although he makes it sound as if spider bites are harmless (bites from brown recluse spiders are very dangerous). “Dalia” is an elephant who skates. He encourages “Singing Together” with a friend. And he sings about working at “The Cookie Factory.” The other songs include “Keep Your Hands to Yourself (in the style of Taj Mahal), “Have Some Fun Out There,” “Tell Mama I Love Her” (about the first day of school), “Something Called King Lear” (a trip to the theater), “The Driveway” (in the style of T-Rex), and “Smile For Me.” A lively and fun album the whole family will enjoy.

Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library