Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Family Photo Album

Family Photo Album. Performed by Recess Monkey. CD.  Produced by Recess Monkey. 2018. $10.00.
Grades— K – Gr 5

            Award-winning Jack Forman, Drew Holloway, and Korum Bischoff (aka Recess Monkey) perform 15 original songs on their 14th album. Musical styles range from rock and funk to pop and rag time. Guitar, bass, and drums are the only instruments these polished musicians need to accompany their lively, catchy tunes. “Chewy to Your Han” celebrates a friendship between two boys who share a love of Star Wars. “Make It Up As You Go” features improvisational guitarist Mister Noodles. In “Just One More Thing,” a child tries to delay bedtime. And “Not For You” depicts a tricky child, who when he cannot get something from his parents, asks Grandma instead, who always comes through. The other songs include “All My Friends Are Here,” “That Laugh,” “Digging A Hole,” “Together,” “Stickin’ Right By You,” “Sing Your Song,” “Wake Up,” “Blankie,” “Get It All Wrong,” “Hey Puppy,” and “A Seed Doesn’t Know.” This excellent album will be appreciated by the entire family.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Come Together

Come Together. Performed by Jeanie B! CD. Approx.35 min. Produced by JeanieBMusic. 2018. CD: $13.82; Download: $9.49.

The first 14 tracks of the album are original folk songs performed by Jeanie Bratschie accompanied by guitar, bass, rhythm instruments, mandolin, Cajon, and drums. Children join in on some of the songs. These songs include “If I Was an Ant” (or a spider, or bee, or cricket, etc.); “5 Little Pieces of Bubble Gum” (a count down song); “How Do We Play Fair” ( with tips); “Read a Book” to learn things; “Unicorn Song” (all about them); “Marching On My Feet” (parts of the body); “Zim Zamma Zoom” (what animals at the zoo eat); “Mary Had a Little Farm” (animal voices and noises); “How Do You Build a Nest” (how birds build nests); “Please Don’t Pick Your Nose;” “Clap Up High” (participatory movement); “I’m a Little Butterfly” (its life cycle); “Seed In the Ground” (how plants grow); and “While You Were Sleeping” (a lullaby).

The second half of album (tracks 15-28) are transitional songs, accompanied only by guitar. The playlist includes “Let’s Say Hello,” “Time to Wash Hands,” “Come On Over to the Carpet,” “Time To Go Outside,” “The Hallway Is a Quiet Place,” “Get Into a Line,” “Right Hand on the Rail,” “Snack Time,” “Have a Seat on the Floor,” “Voices At Zero,” “Time To Listen,” “Clean Up,” “Firebird Goodbye,” and “Goodbye Friends.”

This is a great album for libraries, day cares, and pre-school classrooms.

I Love Music

I Love Music. Performed by Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans. Approx. 36 min. Prod. by Rockmom Records. $9.49 download; $15.00 CD. 2018.
Grade PS – Gr 2—

Jeanie Bratschie (aka Jeanie B) performs 14 original songs and 1 set of traditional songs in pop, rock, bluegrass, country, Latin, and folk musical styles. She and the other musicians perform with excellence on guitar, bass, kazoo, rhythm instruments, drums, mandolin, keys, accordion, and Cajon. Song titles include “I Love Music;” a celebration of “French Fried Potatoes;” “Build a Better World” with hammer, saw, drill, hands and heart; “Send Some Peanut Butter My Way” with toast, apples, carrots, etc; “Be a Hero” by helping with chores and helping others; “Summer Is Sunshine” with flowers in bloom, warm breezes, days at the beach and more; “Boing, Boing, Boing;” “Rhythm;” “M-O-M” is love, pretty, funny, smart & more; and traveling with “Abuela.” Jeanie shows how “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star;” “ABC Song;” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep” all have the same traditional melody. The rest of the songs include “Hop on Pop,” “Grandpa’s Hands,” “Lady Liberty,” and “I Dig You.” This playful album will keep youngsters moving and grooving.