Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Sharon & Bram and Friends

Sharon & Bram and Friends. Performed by Sharon Hampson and Bram Morrison. CD. Approx. 31 min. Casablanca Kids Inc. 2019. Digital: $8.99.
K – Gr 5

Multiple award winners, Sharon and Bram are among Canada’s premier music entertainers for children, and inductees into the Order of Canada. Having entertained children since 1978, the two are still going strong in their 70s. Their vocals are clear and vibrant, and the backup musicians are excellent. With 21 previous albums under their belts, they now perform 8 bright and lively original songs in pop and folk musical styles. Four of these songs were released as singles, which were reviewed on this blog on August 6, 2019. An enthusiastic children’s chorus joins in on several of the songs. “Everybody Talks” about peace, but how great it would be if somebody had a war and nobody came. Canadian comedian Colin Mochrie joins in the very funny “Colour Song” about homophones; real ones like red/read and blue/blew, and silly ones like yellow/yell “oh” and green/agreein’. Hearing Mochrie become more and more frustrated by these silly homophones is half the fun. “Old Coat” is based on the folktale in which an old coat is made into smaller and smaller garments: coat to jacket, jacket to shirt, shirt to vest, etc. In “The Drum Song,” the singers imitate drum rhythm sounds. “The Hug Song” inquires if you have had a hug today. How could anything be wrong with being “Different?” We’re all different and having a ball. “Sharon & Bram’s Colour Song” is a reprise of the second song, without Mochrie. “Talk About Peace,” featuring Jim Cuddy, encourages peace, friendliness, and loving your neighbor as yourself.  The album ends with the duo’s famous and favorite tune: “Skinnamarinky Two,” including some new lyrics. Fans new and old will embrace this new and long-awaited album.

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